All Levels Vinyasa   This slower moving sweaty flow places more emphasis on deeper hip and hamstring opening. This practice is the perfect class for the the non-yogi athlete with tight hips and hamstrings or the Power Yoga Junkie.

All Levels Power Vinyasa    Based on the Baptiste practice on which our studio was founded. A dynamic blend of sweat, strength and spirituality. This classical yoga practice is accessible to anyone no matter your age or fitness level. Absolute beginners must take a minimum of 6 All Levels Vinyasa Classes before taking Power Vinyasa. 

Beginner Vinyasa    Our Beginner Vinyasa class slows down the flow and focuses on the fundamental poses and breath work of our daily yoga practice. This class is perfect for beginners, or anyone looking to create a strong foundation.

All Levels Vinyasa Hour $10    Join Divine’s powerful one-hour flow. These classes offer an opportunity for Divine to give back to the community by offering this reduced rate.

Yin Vinyasa   This flow begins with long, deep holds targets the connective tissues and energy systems of the body, followed by an all levels flow.  This practice will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.

Private Sessions   Our senior teachers are available for private classes that will individually tailor a session to meet your needs. Private sessions are a great option if you dealing with an injury or you want to fine-tune your practice. Your yoga teacher will design a series of yoga postures specifically for you.
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