What are the best prenatal yoga practices?
The best prenatal yoga practice builds strength and stability, while allowing for safe and gentle softening of the joints. During pregnancy, hormones rapidly increase, and cause the ligaments and joints to relax to make room for a growing baby.  One of the biggest causes of injury while practicing yoga during pregnancy arises from women feeling hyper-flexible and going too deep into pose which leads to injury
Divine Yoga believes that yoga is a wonderful way to develop your connection with your baby throughout your pregnancy. Yoga practices such as breath work and meditation are a great way to deepen your connection with your new love.

What yoga poses should pregnant women avoid doing?
It really depends on what trimester you are in. Once you’re into the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, you don’t want to be in belly down positions.  Doing too many inversions later in pregnancy isn’t advised.
A pregnant woman doesn’t want to do any twisting that is compressing her abdomen. You can do twists in a way that are more upper-body, keeping the belly open and spacious. Students will want to gain more length and opening through your torso during pregnancy to make space for your baby. So creating space through safe twists is actually really beneficial.
 If you are past 24 weeks, we advise you do not spend much time lying on your back because the weight of your baby can compress some of your arteries and decrease blood flow to your heart.
If you had a really strong yoga practice before pregnancy, you can continue doing a lot of what you did pre-pregnancy, keeping the above recommendation in mind. It is not a time to drastically advance your practice or greatly increase your exercise load.  
The best advise we can give to pregnant moms about their yoga practice is to listen to your own body.  Your body will let you know when you are doing something that does not feel safe or could be harmful.  Continually checking in with yourself in each pose and through each transition will help create the best yoga experience possible.

What benefits does this Prenatal Yoga Class offer?
It’s a 4-week series, and each week we focus on the health and correct alignment of different parts of the body.  This series will teach women how yoga can support and empower you during your journey through pregnancy and toward parenthood.
Each week we will lead students through an asana practice with modifications they can then take into any class that they’re participating in. We do not suggest students attend any of our heated classes during their pregnancy. Our hope is that our prenatal classes give women the tools so they need for a pleasant pregnancy and birthing experience.

Please consult your physician or midwife prior to class participation. Bring your yoga mat and journal for an exploration of how yoga can help you prepare for childbirth and parenthood. This workshop includes a yoga practice, , possible comfort measures during pregnancy, and ends with a guided meditation.
After each class, we will have a few minutes where students can enjoy tea and have the opportunity to ask questions.

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